InfyGPT Key Features and Concepts

Here are some Key Features and Concepts that InfyGPT provides.

Admin Panel


The admin dashboard features a comprehensive revenue report, user counts, chatbot statistics, webpage analytics, and file management data, empowering administrators to make data-driven decisions and effectively manage the system's performance and resources.


The user listing in the admin panel allows administrators to quickly identify and distinguish users whose email addresses have been verified from those who haven't. Admins can also conveniently send verification emails to unverified users upon their account creation, ensuring a secure and reliable user base.


The enquiry model serves as a centralized repository for feedback and contact us submissions, storing valuable information such as user inquiries, comments, and contact details. This model streamlines communication and enables efficient response handling for improved user engagement and customer service.


The admin's transaction module is a central record of all financial transactions, including payments for subscription plans, amounts, and dates. It enables administrators to maintain transparency, manage revenue, and make informed decisions for a seamless user experience.

CMS Contents

How It Works:

Discover our platform's step-by-step guide. Administrators can update the content, ensuring users always get the latest information.


Read real user stories. Admins manage testimonials, keeping content fresh and relevant.

Subscription Plans:

Explore our range of subscription plans in the "Subscription Plans" section. Whether you're a casual user or a power user, we have flexible options to suit your needs,Admins can customize plans, so users see the latest offerings.


Find answers to common questions in our "FAQs" section. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with quick solutions.


The client module empowers administrators to effortlessly upload clients' logos to showcase on the front-end of the website, enhancing brand visibility and trust. This dynamic feature allows for easy management of client logos, providing a professional and engaging user experience.

Contact Us:

Reach out for assistance. Admins manage contact info to keep it accurate and accessible.


In the Admin Settings, you have the ability to personalize your application with ease. You can specify your app's name, set the contact details, configure plan expiry notifications days, and even upload your app logo and favicon logo.

These settings allow you to tailor the application to your brand and ensure a professional and cohesive user experience you have the capability to manage your OpenAI keys seamlessly. You can dynamically update both your OpenAI API key and OpenAI organization key, ensuring that your application stays connected and up-to-date with OpenAI's services

User Panel


The client dashboard provides real-time insights into your current plan's usage, allowing you to monitor chatbot interactions, GPT messages, webpages, files, and custom content characters to ensure you stay within your plan's limits and make informed decisions to optimize your resources.


The transaction module serves as a centralized hub for users to access their plan details, track their specific plan usage, and review their transaction history, ensuring transparency and easy management of their account activities.


The Chatbots Module offers users an organized list of chatbots, along with their associated webpages, files, and detailed conversation history, simplifying content management and enhancing user engagement insights.

Each chatbot has its own dedicated dashboard, showcasing the number of webpages, conversation details, and files.

It also features embedded chat widget scripts for seamless integration and a chat-box for real-time interactions, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly chatbot management experience.

Embed Chat Widget

Enhance your website's interactivity with our easy-to-use chat widget script.

By copying and pasting this script into your website's code, you can effortlessly integrate a user-friendly chatbot.

This chatbot will be visible and accessible to your website visitors. Users can simply click on the chatbot icon, initiating seamless and convenient conversations.

It's a quick and effective way to enhance user engagement and provide instant support, making your website more interactive and user-focused


Simply add your website or sitemap to this feature, and you can easily train the system to understand the content and structure of your site.

Once integrated, ask your website-related questions directly to the chatbox on your dashboard, and receive clear and precise responses, making it a straightforward process to access information and insights about your website.


Unlock the potential of our PDF and DOCX Integration Module. Add your PDF and DOCX files, and then train the system to analyze and comprehend their content.

Once trained, you can ask questions related to these documents directly to the chatbox on your dashboard. The chatbot will provide clear and informative responses, simplifying the process of obtaining specific answers and insights from your documents.

Custom Content

Empower your content with our Custom Content Integration Module. Write a customized paragraph and incorporate URL links within it. Afterward, train the system to understand and interpret the content.

You can then inquire about the custom content directly to the chatbox on your dashboard. The chatbot will provide accurate and informative responses, simplifying the process of obtaining information and insights tailored to your specific content

Chat Conversations

In the Chat Conversation Module, all your interactions with the chatbox are conveniently saved for reference. You can easily access and review all your past conversations, making it a valuable resource for tracking discussions and retrieving important information.

Chatbot Settings

In the Chatbot Settings, you have the flexibility to customize your chatbot's user experience.

You can modify the welcome message for new conversations, choose your embedded chat widget's open-icon, close-icon, and title-icon, and even adjust the chat background color and text color for both user and bot interactions.

This level of customization ensures that the chatbot aligns seamlessly with your website's design and messaging