InfyBetting Key Features and Concepts

Here are the Key Features and Concepts that CrowdFunding provides.

Landing page

It comes up with a beautiful landing page, where customers can see the match results and place their bids for answers.

Betting platform is complete sports betting solution where customers can see the matches and guess the result for the right answer. they can place bid with related amount and in last they either won with double money or lose his money at all.

Admin Panel

We have created a beautiful and user attractive admin panel to manage the contents for landing page. Admin can manage all the matches / contents / categories and also able to create new user account with assigned roles/permissions. Admin can change the system settings from the admin panel, like admin can change the landing page content, change contact information, social account details, etc.


In Dashboard, you are able to see the different widgets including : Total Bet placed, Total deposited amount, Total users & Total matches.

You can also see a different kind of charts here including : Deposit Analytics & Withdrawal Analytics, there is other doughnut charts as well.

Users Management

Here you can see the list of users including your staff members + new customers that is being registered to your system. we also have login As option by using that you can directly log into to their account in rare cases and check / perform related operations.

You can create new users from here by selecting the specific role and set the password for that user. you are also able to mark their email as verified from this screen.


We can say sports categories or league categories, in which you will be able to perform all create / edit / delete operations. you can create list of new categories that you want or even edit / delete it later.


In this screen you can create your leagues, and later you can set up matches under leagues. you can select the sport category while creating league and select the icon as well.

Manage Matches

You can add matches here into this screen. while creating match you have to select the league and title of match.

You also have to add both team tiles, and the team images as well. you have to specify the match start time and betting time also.


Here admin can see all the bets that is placed by customers from the landing page.

Admin can see who placed the bet on which Question plus which answer they chose, admin can also see the amount customer invested and how much will return if customer won the bet.

Referrals / Affiliations System

We have 3 kind of referrals, Deposit Commission, Bet Place commission, Bet win commission.

You can create different levels here, upto 10.

So let's say if Customer A referred B and B is doing registration and depositing some amount, so its Level 1, at that time Customer A will get Level 1 amount that admin set, so this is how it's working for Bet place and Bet wins as well.


Here admin can see all the transactions whether it is the transaction of the customer subscriptions or whether it is the transaction of the bet win, or bet commission.

Withdrawal Requests

Here admin can see all the withdrawal requests of the customers. Admin either cancel or approve it. We are also asking for cancellation notes when admin reject the request.

Payment Gateway

Right we have 7 payment gateways support including the Manually payment. You can set related commission and related credentials for the payment gateway by editing it. you can also disable the payment gateway by just toggling one button.

Email Templates

We have lists of email templates which help you to manage the content of the emails. it's including the welcome email, reset password email, betting win email, betting lose email, and many others.

Email Configuration

Here you can configure your email settings including the email username and password, Encryption, port, and the Mail host. we also have to test the email settings by sending the test email.

SMS Manager

As like email templates we have lists of SMS templates that you can edit. Right now we are supporting the nexmo and the twilio SMS integration.

Translations / Localization

We have support to change existing languages content or even you can add your own language.

Front CMS

You can manage each single part of the front website, you can edit content, upload new images and many others.

You can also add your social links, FAQs and manage the Policy texts.

Roles & Permissions

We are supporting to create different roles with specific permissions. this will allow you to create new staff members with specific permissions.

We have 2 different roles Admin and Customer / Member that you can not delete.

SEO Tools

You can manage the SEO keywords, Description and the title that you want to add into this section. this will be really useful to get traffic from specific meta keywords or meta descriptions.

Multiple Currency Support

We are supporting multiple currencies, means you can add your own currency and choose that currency as default currency and then it will be available everywhere.

As some countries have GDPR rules they must need this Cookies form, so don't worry we are already supporting it and even you can manage the text of that cookie form.


Here you can configure your settings like the Application logo, name, favicon and emails. we also have option to clear cache of the system in this section.

User Panel

Users are the customers or members that are going to register to our site and place their bids for some questions.

Bids listing

As users can guess the results of the match and place their bids they must need to see their bids listing, so here in this screen they can see all their placed bids.

Even they can see the Question and answer on that they bid for how much?

Deposit Amount

Users can deposit the amount to place the bids, or they can directly pay for that bids.

Again to add deposit amount user will have multiple payment methods that we already have.

Withdrawal Request

User can see their earned amount in dashboard and send withdrawal request to admin by choosing paypal or by sending him banking details.

Referrals History

As we said here customers can see who referred him, on which level he is right now.

Customer can see all different levels with a different kind of commissions that he get.