InfyBetting Local Setup

Betting platform is complete solution for sports betting, where people can guess the answers of match results and win the betting.

People can see list of upcoming and running matches, and they can also filter matches by categories. Later customers can see their placed besting into their respective login panels and if they won related money will be added to their wallet. if they lose the bet then money will not be refunded.

When you are planning to just test it on your local without any code modification, then you can use file.

Based on the file you are using, you can either follow the Technical Guide or Non-Technical Guide. But before that, you will need to complete the following steps.

1. Install WebServer

To run it on local, the very first thing that you need is a web server. You can install xampp/wamp or independently apache or nginx or your choice of the webserver which can run PHP Applications.

2. Server Requirements

Make sure, you meet all server requirements listed here.

3. Extract the Source code files

Create a folder in your local web server's root directory. E.g.

  • If you are using Wamp, then create Betting folder under you_path_to_wamp/www/Betting/
  • If you are using Xampp, then create Betting folder under you_path_to_xamp/htdocs/Betting/
  • If you are using Mamp, then create Betting folder under you_path_to_mamp/htdocs/Betting/

Then based on your choice, extract to the newly created folder.