InfyCal Key Features and Concepts

Here are some Key Features and Concepts that InfyCal provides.

Its a event schedule booking management application which allows users to create events with schedules.

Beautiful Landing Page

We are providing a beautiful landing page with mobile-friendly UI, from where users can do registration to the system.

Super Admin Panel


Dashboard from where you can get the overall information about the system, how many users are there ? total events? etc.


You can see lists of registered users here and add new users if you want.

Personal Experience

We are providing the Personal Experience that will be users into the onboarding process of customers.


Users can subscribe to your system via the landing page and you will get the lists of subscribers from here.

You can use this data for marketing purposes if you want.

Subscription Plans

From here you can create a different kind of plans that will be used by the users/customers registering into the system.

You can define the plan name, price, currency, and features needed to add on that plan.

Front CMS

From here you can manage the landing page content. you can change each text showing on the front side from here.

You can add new testimonials, update the images, update the content, and many other things from here.


Here you are able to manage the application settings, like application name, email, phone, and other information.

User Panel


Users are also able to see the dashboard with its related data.

Users can see his events information from the dashboard.


Users can create events from this module. this is the main part of the system.

You can create the event from here by defining the event name, location, and event type. you can later add more information to event like you can set the schedule for the event, how many days it will be activated, and the time for it.

Once an event will be created, we are generating a unique link for it. by using it your users are able to do booking into that event.


From here you can manage the schedules that are going to use in events.

You can create different kinds of schedules from here and later it will be used in events, you can set the slots timing for each day from here.

Scheduled Events

When users are doing booking to the events it will be considered as scheduled events, its kind of appointments.

So here you can see the lists of users who are booked to the events and also see the related information of that events.

Subscribe to plan

You must need to subscribe to a plan when you are a user, you can see different kind of plans, and you can choose a plan as per your need and start using the app.


Here you can see the lists of the transaction did by the users when paying for event registration. you can differentiate the transaction via the payment type.