InfyCare Local Setup

InfyCare is Clinic Appointment Management System, which helps doctors to manage their appointments digitally.

Now Complete the following steps.

1. Install WebServer

To run it on local, the very first thing that you need is a web server. You can install xamp/wamp or independently apache or nginx or your choice of the webserver which can run PHP Applications.

2. Server Requirements

Make sure, you meet all server requirements listed here.

3. Extract the Source code files

Create a folder in your local web server's root directory. E.g.

  • if you are using Wamp, then create InfyPortfolio-SAAS folder under path_to_wamp/www/infyportfolio/
  • if you are using Xamp, then create InfyPortfolio-SAAS folder under path_to_xamp/htdocs/infyportfolio/

Point the domain to a folder

You will need to create a virtual host to set up InfyPortfolio-SAAS. You can find steps here to create a virtual host.

  • Steps here to create a virtual host on XAMPP.
  • Steps here to create a virtual host on WAMP.

Point your domain or subdomain to the public directory inside the InfyPortfolio folder.

Please note that InfyPortfolio-SAAS must be installed on a primary domain or subdomain. Installing on a sub-folder will not work, for example: (Invalid) localhost/InfyPortfolio-SAAS (Invalid) if you are putting it in a subfolder or root website) (Valid) (Valid) InfyPortfolio-SAAS.test (Valid)

Open the link to the domain in the browser (Example:

4. Final Steps

Please follow Next Steps from here to setup the project