InfyChat Key Features and Concepts

Here are the Key Features and Concepts that InfyChat provides.

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) Support

We are supporting PWA, so you can now download the app from chrome and use it as desktop app for better user experience.

1-1 Private Chat

InfyChat provides 1-1 User Private Chat.

Group Chat

You can create different types of groups and add multiple members into a group by using this feature.

You can change the group name and its image, all changes that you have did that reflect the real-time in other members group panel.

Group Type

Group can have two types:

Open Group

All group members can send messages into the group.

Closed Group

The Admin only can send message in group.

Group Privacy

Groups can be created with Group Privacy.


All group members can add new members or remove existing members from group.


The Admin only can add new members and remove member.

Group Members

Group Admin can add new members to group and assign role to them. Admin or Member. Member can not change role of group admin.

Admin can add/remove member to/from group.

Any member can leave group and delete group, when member leave group OR removed from group by admin, they can no longer receive messages of that group. When admin deletes the group, it flushed from your conversations list.


When you start chatting with any user you can see that conversation as opened and also on the conversations list as well. You can also chat with some other user by opening a new conversation popup and select the specific user to start to chat with him/her.

Also, Users can get a list of active chats with real-time unlimited chatting.

If someone send you message then conversation count on tab automatically increase to related number of unread conversation count. and also it works in reverse way like when you read that conversation the unread count will decrease.

Gender Support

We have added gender (Male /Female) support into profile. also the cool thing here is if you are not setting up the profile picture we are display the default profile picture as per gender.

You can also filter the users into conversations popup by gender filter.

Media List

You can see list of media that people sent in group details bar. All media's that you have sent to some specific person OR other person that sent you, you can find all of that on side profile bar.

Chat Request

We have added this important features which help you when to prevent un-used user's messages. if your privacy is Private then other user can not directly send message to you.

They need to send request to you, then you will get chat request from that user, now its upto you that you will Accept that request or Declined it.

If you are accepting then the user becomes your contact and he is able to send new messages to you.

If you are declining it then the user needs to send chat request again.


User can update his privacy settings to only chat with his contacts to/from whom he sent/accepted chat requests.

Reply to Message

User can give reply to message of another user or they can give reply of their self message too.

Media Uploads

You are allowed to Multiple upload two-way file sharing like images, videos and some supporting documents e.g docs, Zip, Xls, PDF files, etc. And Light-box for getting a full-screen preview for images.

uploaded files will preview with pretty good icons so user can easily identify whether file is pdf, docs, xls OR txt.

You can also upload your files to direct your s3 bucket by configuring s3 .env variables.

Youtube Integration

In this feature, when a user sends any youtube video links to any user, the system will automatic detects it as a youtube video and it displays its thumbnail on chat.

Copy/Paste Image in Message

Now you don't need to send files manfully, by selecting it and upload. you just need to copy that file and past by using Ctrl + V and copied image will display there you just need to hit upload btn and it will send to user.

While sending message with links/url's you are able to see that URL preview below your message with attractive look.

Draft Message

This feature is pretty cool, when you are sending message to someone and you have type lots of lines and your tab is closed, so don't worry you don't need to write all of that lines again, just go to that users conversation, and all your lines are there.

Delete Message

You can delete specific message that you have sent to other, by just hovering on that message and clicking on delete icon.

You can delete your message from both side that you have sent, default time limit for permanent message delete is 5 min, admin can extend it by change value of env variable DELETE_MESSAGE_FOR_EVERYONE_TIME.

Delete Conversation

By using this feature you can delete conversation with specific people.

Read Receipt

Users can get real-time delivery and read receipt updates of chat messages on both sides.

When all members of group can read your message then message will be display with green tick.

By using this feature you can check that who have read your message and which users still not read that message. you have to click on message information and all details about the Message read recipients and Message unread recipients are there.

You can also check the time when user has read the message.

Emojis 😄 💥 💖

You'll find all current smileys and people emojis in our chat app. Have fun with diving into the colorful world of emojis! :relaxed:

Typing Status

When a user is typing something to another user then Typing status is indicating to opposition user.

Custom Chat Status

This is quite cool feature. currently user needs to check that you are online or offline. and you are offline then what's the reason ??, No one knows until they will contact to you.

But if you are don't want that some one can not disturb to you. then you will need to set custom status that you are on lunch or on vacation.

Others users are able to see your custom status besides your name, now they will get an idea that you are offline because you are On Vacation or somewhere else.

User Privacy

We have added this important feature by considering user's privacy. we have added 2 privacy settings in user profile.

  1. Public (Any one can send message to you)
  2. Private (Only Your contacts can send message to you)

Online Offline Status with Last Seen Time

Online/Offline and Last seen status indication on the top of the chat and profile drawer as well.

Notification Header

While you are in some other pages (not in chat page), that time if some one is sending you message personally or in group chat, that time notification count is increase and you are able to see that person and its message into that notification tab.

If again you receive the notification, that time the inline notification count increased, the main notification count remains as it is.

Users can get message notification for new messages with labels and counts on the conversations list.

Push Notification

We are supporting one signal web push notifications you can simply enable/disable it from profile section. it helps when you are not active in application and some one sent you message.

Social Authentication

Register, Check mail, Verify email its a long process. You can now login with your google and facebook accounts too. all you need to do is Enter your google/facebook credentials and login.

Abuse words filtering

To prevent from the Bad/Abuse word we introduce this feature. when some one try to sent you abuse word it will replaced by *. e.g ****

Block/Unblock Users

By using this feature users can block other users. for e.g there is User 1 and User B, if User A block User B then both user can not send message to each other anymore. Remember that user can not block super admin user.

You can find all blocked users into blocked users listing tab. from there user can unblock specific user.

Report User

User can report user if he/she found something wrong. all you have to do is open that user side drawer and click on report user button. write notes why you are reporting given user and submit it.

Admin is able to see all reported users with given inputs and they can take appropriate action from that.

Archive (Soft Delete)/Restore Users

You can now archive specific users by using this feature. please note that archive means soft delete. archived users will not display in archived tab in conversation window.

it will soft delete users and all its conversations. its still exists in db but it will not show anywhere.

Now if you want to again make this user work as normal, you have to restore that user and all its records again visible to public.

User Profiles

You can see detailed information of the user including user photo, current status, phone number, and his/her bio as well.

By using this feature, Logged in user can Customize his/her avatars. In the sense of updating his/her photo, mobile number and bio as well.

User can also remove his/her profile image.

You can change your account password by using this feature.

Users and Roles / Permissions Management

Admin can manage all users from the admin panel. By creating users, admin can provide username and password to new users and also user can register on his own. There are system default roles like Admin and Member. But admin can redefine as per his own choice and can create a new one as well.

Archive/Unarchive Conversations

When you have lot's of conversations and you want to archive some conversations from your main conversations list that time you can use this feature.

By Arching Conversation (Either User /Group) that conversation removed from main conversation and goes to Archive Conversations Tab. All your messages are still there just that conversation is no longer visible into Active Conversation tab.

Same By UnArching Conversation you are now able to see that conversation again in Active Conversation Tab.

User Initials

When people don't upload their profile photo we are rending user initials from people's name.

Admin Settings

By using this feature you can enable/disable group chat. you can change your application name and upload logo of your application. you can also change the favicon from setting module.

Zoom Meeting Support

Admin can create zoom meeting and invites the staff member's. Also he can delete/update created meeting.

Members can see invited zoom meeting links to his panel.

Sound notifications support

Sound will be play when some message received.

When you are working on some other tabs and notification/message received at that time configured sound will be play.