InfyLMS Key Features and Concepts

Here are the Key Features and Concepts that InfyLMS provides.


The dashboard provides a graphical report of book activities and statistics.

  • Total Books
  • Total Members
  • Issued/ Reserved / Overdue Books Counts

Books Management

With Books management, here you can see a list of books and add or import books with the following fields including Book items that are the actual physical books. One Book can have multiple copies and you can define your book items while creating a book or can manage it from Book View.

You can export the books by using export book option.

* Is featured - This is a featured book * Cover Image - Book Cover Image * ISBN - ISBN Number of Book * Authors - Authors of Book (It can be multiple) * Genres - Genres of Book (e.g. Biography, Fiction, Non-Fiction, etc.) * Name - Name of the Book * Tags - Tag a book with anything you want * URL - Book URL * Description - Book Description * Book items - This is actual Physical book copies of Book which will be Issues to Member * Edition - Book Item Edition * Format - Book Item Format * Price - Book Item Price * Language - Language of the Book Item * Publisher - Book Item Publisher

Book Circulation

By the Book Circulation module, we made an easy to Issue a Book to members and get a return. Also, Members, themselves can Reserve a book for a specific period and then can get it issued physically by visiting the Library.

You can export the book circulations by using export option.

  • Member - Who is going to get the book
  • Issue date - When book item is being issued
  • Return date - When book item should be returned to Library
  • Status - Status of the current Book Item from the following,
    • Issued
    • Reserved
    • Returned
    • Lost
  • Note - any optional note that you want to put

The General flow of the book will be,

  1. Member can do a login
  2. Member can Search the book
  3. Member can see all the available Book Items
  4. Member can Reserve a Book Item
  5. Member visit the Library
  6. Librarian will Issue the Book Item to the Member with Return date set.
  7. Book items will become Unavailable. It can not be issued to any other member or can not be Reserved as well.
  8. On/Before a Due date Member will return a book
  9. Book Item again becomes Available
  10. For some reason, if Book item is not returned from Member, it can be also marked as Lost/Damaged.

Book Circulation Archive/Delete

By using this feature you are able to archive(soft delete) book circulation records from book circulation history.

Penalty Management

This is pretty cool and time saving feature. now you don't need to calculate due days and penalty manually, it will be automatically calculated when any book is due. There is setting for penalty per day, just enter per day due amount into it. and when member comes to librarian for return book, we are checking that is given book is late/due, if yes then book due popup will shown, it display total due amount and total due days.


All the members of the Library can be managed via the Members module. Where you can create/update/delete members including disabling the existing members.

  • Primary Details

    • Is Active - Member status (Active or not)
    • Members Photo - Photo of the Member
    • First Name - Member First Name
    • Last Name - Member Last Name
    • Email - Member Email
    • Password - Member Login Password
    • Phone No. - Member Phone Number
    • Membership plan - Membership Plan of the Member
  • Additional Details

    • Address 1
    • Address 2
    • City
    • State
    • Country
    • Zip Code

Admin can send the re-activation email again to member if member Does't receive email.


Books can be divided into different Genres based on Categories like Biography, Fiction, Non-Fiction, etc.

Genre has a very simple two fields,

  • Name - Name of the Genre
  • Description - Description


Authors are real book authors. You can Create/Update/Delete Authors.

  • First Name - First Name of Author
  • Last Name - Last Name of Author
  • Description - Author Description


One Book can have multiple copies from Different publishers in different languages and editions. You can manage all your Publishers here.

The publisher has only fields

  • Name

Book languages

Manage your different Languages of Books here.

  • Name - Language Name
  • Code - Language Code


Tags are useful when tagging a book to remember it or categorize it.

  • Name -- Required field


In user modules, the Library can create all his Staff Members including Librarian, Admin and other people with the specified roles.

  • Primary Details
    • Is Active -- Status for user is active or not
    • User Profile -- Photo of user
    • First Name -- Required field
    • Last Name -- Required field
    • Email -- Required field
    • Password -- Optional filed
    • Phone No. -- Optional filed
    • Role -- Required field
  • Additional Details
    • Address1 -- Optional filed
    • Address2 -- Optional filed
    • City -- Optional filed
    • State -- Optional filed
    • Country -- Optional filed
    • Zip Code -- Optional filed

Roles + Permissions

LMS comes with specific permissions by which you can create different roles based on your needs and can give those roles to different Users.

Manage Books - Can User Manage (Add/Update/Delete) Books list Manage Issue Books - Can User Issue/Reserve/Return Book Item Manage Members - Can User Manage (Add/Update/Delete) Members list Manage Finance - Can User Manage Finances Manage Settings - Can User Change Settings Manage Authors - Can User Manage (Add/Update/Delete) Authors list Manage Publishers - Can User Manage (Add/Update/Delete) Publishers list Manage Book Series - Can User Manage (Add/Update/Delete) Book Series list Manage Book Languages - Can User Manage (Add/Update/Delete) Book Languages list Manage Plans - Can User Manage (Add/Update/Delete) Membership Plans list Manage Genres - Can User Manage (Add/Update/Delete) Genres list Manage Users - Can User Manage (Add/Update/Delete) Users list Manage Tags - Can User Manage (Add/Update/Delete) Tags list Manage Roles - Can User Manage (Add/Update/Delete) Roles list

NOTE: LMS Provide Two default role Librarian and Library Admin (via seeder)

Book Export

By using this feature you can export books with all books details in xlsx file.

Book Import

By using this feature you can able to import new books in bulk, its saves lots of your time you dont need to add books records one by one. just add books records in xlsx sheet as per given sample format and import that sheet. all your given books should be imported.

Membership Plans

Manage different plans for members. So you can categories your members with different plans, which can be helpful to track how many numbers of books can be Issued to the member at a particular time.

Membership Plans has the following fields,

  • Name - Plan name
  • Price - PLan price
  • Frequency - Plan Frequency
  • Stripe Plan Id - Stripe Plan ID (if you are going to charge your customers)
  • Description - Plan Description

Book Series

Some Books can have series and different parts. Like Part-1, Part-2 etc. You can create a series of Books by a very easy and impressive drag and drop interface.

  • Title -- Book Series title
  • Book Series Items
    • Sequence - Sequence of Book
    • Book - Book

Book Requests

Admin can see listing of book requests created by members and change status to Approve/Cancelled/Available. Default request status is Pending.

  • Approve - Book request is approved
  • Cancelled - Book request id cancelled
  • Available - Requested book is now available to library.

Change Password

Admin/Member can change his/her password by using this option.

Settings (Library Branding Customization)

In Settings, you can customize the branding of your Library and some other default settings. Including,

  • Library Name - Name of your library
  • Logo - Logo of your library for Landing Page + System
  • Favicon Icon - Favicon
  • Currency - Currency of your Library
  • Language (Supporting 11 Language) - Language of LMS
  • Reserve Due Days - Days till which Reserve will work
  • Return Due Days - Default days to return the book
  • Send Book Due Mail Before Days - This settings will send book due mail before given days from cron

Homepage Settings (Landing Page Customization)

In Homepage Settings, you can customize the landing page content. Including,

  • Facebook Link - Link of your facebook page
  • Twitter - Your username of twiiter
  • Github Link - Link of your github profile
  • Linkedin Link - Your linkedin profile link
  • Contact Phone - Contact number of your company
  • Contact Email - Email of your company
  • Website - Website of your company
  • Company Description - Description of your comapny
  • Hero image title - Title of hero image on landing page
  • Hero image description - Description of hero image on landing page
  • About us text - About us text on landing page
  • Genres text - Genres text on landing page
  • Pupular books text - Books text on landing page

About Us Cards

Admin can manage the cards in this section. about us cards contains title of card and description. admin can also manage which cards he want to show on landing page and which not. disabled cards will not be display on landing page.


You can add/edit/delete testimonials from admin panel. we are supporting all required fields for testimonials. e.g Name, Occupation, Description and Image.

Added testimonials are display into landing page as well.

Member Registration

Member allow to to register by using this feature, they just need to fill some information into form and submit it. and don't forget that you can not login without verifying your email.

Members Panel

Member can do a login and can search available book items by the following fields,

  • By Book
  • By Author
  • By Book Name

Members Book History

After searching the book, Member can reserve a particular Book and get it issued by visiting the library. Also, a member can see his all Book history by the login.

Members Book Requests

Member can create/update/delete book request and also view listing of his requests and its status.

E-Books Management

Admin can added book item with type e-book and upload the pdf of book. all e-books are login protected so another users can't download it without login. they must need to do login to download e-book.

E-books menu added at member side. member can search specific e-book and download it.

Reminders / CroneJobs

You have to set scheduler for reminder emails. which manage the all crones. you can check more about it here (see "Starting The Scheduler Topic")

You can find docs here to setup cron on cPanel.

We are supporting following reminders by email.

  • Book Due reminder to member before 1 week
  • Book Due reminder to member and admin on due day

We are also sending book due reminders on given days (that you have set in settings), and support auto un-reserve the book once issue date is due.