InfyPortfolio-SaaS Key Features and Concepts

This is SaaS application so there will be one super admin for whole system, which will manage the main landing page of website and other contents.

Users can sign up into system, and they will be considered as admin, so each user will get their separate admin panel from where they can manage their specific portfolio contents.

Here are some Key Features and Concepts that InfyPortfolio-SaaS provides.

Landing Page

Landing page helps is all about your products details and information. it includes Basic information, testimonials, services you are offering and enquiry form.

If someone has some query they can add their contact enquiry from main landing page. and Super admin will check it in Super Admin panel.

Super Admin Panel

We have created beautiful and user attractive admin panel to manage the contents for landing page. user can create new stuff's and update the contents from there.


Super admin will be able to see the all needed information in dashboard.

e.g. Active Users. De-Active Users, Today's Registered Users, Today's Unread Enquiries, etc.


Here you can see the lists of users registered into your system, in case if need you can disable that users and able to edit their profile information too.

The main feature here is Impersonate which means you can directly log in into that users account without any password or username information. only super-admin is able to do this.


In this section you are able to add new Countries, States & Cities. if someone is requesting that new country is missing then super admin can add that missing country by using this section.


You can see the lists of enquiries that you received, the main feature we have added in these features is read/ unread. if you are seeing some inquiry it will be considered as read.

You are able to make any user's portfolio featured by using this module. featured portfolio's will be shown on landing page.

Front CMS

Here you can manage your landing page content, there is nothing in landing page that you can not manage. you can manage each text and each line of paragraph.

We have added section wise menus in this module. e.g. Section 1, Section 2, etc.


You can manage your application setting from here. e.g.

  • General Settings
  • Privacy/ Policies Content
  • Social Handler Links


The user will be able to manage his profile from here.

He can update the job title, and his personal details from this page. also, he can upload his profile image too in this section.


Expertise describe your strong points to clients / customers. so we have added this section to landing page.

User can add/edit/delete his expertise from admin panel. all added expertise will be shown at landing page.


You can add all your qualifications details by using this feature. you can add multiple educations and all of that will be shown at front side.


User can add 1 or more skills with related percentage. all skills list will be shown at front side.


Testimonial helps customers to know about your past works and how your clients / customers and thinking about you or your works.

You can add your testimonials with customer name, image and some short description.

Pricing Plans

You can create related plans from admin panels. Here you're pricing plans helps customers.

You can define your price per month/year/daily from admin side.

Recent works

Most of the customers will always ask for your past works that you have done, or the work that your are currently doing.

You can add your works by a category from admin side, and it will be display at front side.


Services are the most important things in business. that is the things that attract the customers.

Say if you are using this app for any IT Service that services will be.

  • Long duration maintenance support
  • Quick bug fixes
  • etc ...

All your added services will be display into front side.


It means the goals that you have achieved, or some kind of awards or works completion.

It differs per business. it is configurable from admin side.


Enquiries form help customers to clear their doubt. if they have some enquiries they can submit the form that is in front side.

They have to add their name, subject and the message.

You can see the enquiries lists at admin side.

Hire Requests

If some customers/clients like or impress by your profile, they might be try to hire you. that time this feature is will be very useful.

Client can direct send Hire request to you and you are able to see that at admin side.

Blog Categories

While writing blog you must have to define the category that for given blog is for which category.

You can create a different kind of categories as per your need.


Blogs will be increase your knowledge and others too. it helps to gain the traffic via SEO.

You can write a post about anything that is helpful.

We have created a blog lists pages and blog details pages at front side.

Advanced QR Profile Builder

You will receive advanced QR code for profile and share to other users as well. By scanning that code users will be redirected your portfolio site.

Follow / Unfollow Users

You can see lists of other users on site who have created their portfolio, you can do follow and unfollow at any time you want.

Also, you can see the lists of following in your admin panel too.

Multiple Theme Support

You can choose themes as you want, we are supporting multiple themes for your site view. You can change theme from Theme Settings.


You can configure all your app setting from this section.

You can configure Company name, Logo, Footer texts and other stuff's from this section.