Multi languages Support

We are supporting 9 languages in each panel (Admin | Agent | Customer)

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Turkish

Beautiful Website

InfySupport comes with beautiful landing page which help customers to register into system and create tickets.

Customers can search public tickets and check comments on that tickets. Sometimes they don't need to create a ticket at all. as same tickets will be created by some other users too.

Customers must have to do registration into system while submitting their first ticket. Later they can log in into a portal and track their ticket status there.

If ticket status is private then only owner of the customer can see that ticket, for that they can use search ticket option on a website. For searching private ticket they have to add unique ticket number and their email.

Live Chat Widget

Customer can use this widget to direct chat with agents without registering to system. they have to add their email and name to start chat.

Admin Panel


All the information at a glance about what's happening in the support system. How many tickets submitted so far. How many tickets are still active and how many are closed. It is the place where system admin can have a complete idea about his site.

On admin dashboard they view various charts like how many tickets assigned to particular agents, how many tickets submitted on a particular category.


Agent will play import role in this system as they are going to manage the customers and their tickets.

Admin can manage all agents from Agents menu. See their profile information and make edits if needed. Even he can create and delete the agents.

Admin can see the tickets details, that how many tickets are assigned to related agent How many tickets are closed, open for a specific agent.


Customers will be handled by agents. Customer will create tickets and raise issues to support system.

They cal also do a login and check his tickets that they created. They can add comments to tickets.


Every ticket can be categorized into a different category based on its purpose. So it is easy for the admin to find out how many tickets have been submitted on a particular category.

Admin can see lists of tickets by a category in this module, that how many open / closed tickets are there in a specific category.


Admin can see all the tickets that are in system in this module. Admin can also create new tickets on behalf of customer and assign it to related agent.

Admin can delete a specific ticket too and able to change the ticket status.


New customer conversation is arrived here. Admin can communicate with customer and assign agent to that customer. Admin also view all communication between customer and agent.


Manage your website FAQs in this module to answer users' frequently asked questions.


Various settings related to support system branding like, name, company url, logo, footer, company address, social media links etc. can be managed from this section.

Agent Panel


This is where an agent can see statistics of his account about currently open tickets, closed tickets, etc. On agent dashboard they view various charts like how many tickets assigned to them on a particular category.


The agent can manage the ticket assigned to them from here. He can reply the ticket. After resolving the customer's problem, they can also change the status of the ticket.


Assigned conversation view here. Agent can reply the customer queries from here. Agent also start new conversation with other members.

Customer Panel


This is where customer can see statistics of his account about currently their open tickets, closed tickets.

My Tickets

Customer can see the status of his ticket. He can reply to the ticket. Once they get an answer to their problem, they can close the ticket from here.