InfySupport System Requirements

Make sure you have system requirements properly.

It's assumed that you have primary knowledge of web hosting application installation knowledge since this application is built on Laravel with JS.

You can read about laravel Requirements here

Optional: You can also update the below variables in the php.ini file if you want to upload bigger files.

upload_max_filesize = 50M max_file_uploads = 50 post_max_size = 100M

Point the domain to a folder

You will need to create a virtual host to set up InfySupport. You can find steps here to create a virtual host.

  • Steps here to create a virtual host on XAMPP.
  • Steps here to create a virtual host on WAMP.

Point your domain or subdomain to the public directory inside the InfySupport folder.

Please note that InfySupport must be installed on a primary domain or subdomain. Installing on a sub-folder will not work, for example: (Invalid) localhost/InfySupport (Invalid) if you are putting it in sub folder or root website) (Valid) (Valid) infysupport.test (Valid)

Open the link to the domain in the browser (Example: