Link Tracker Key Features and Concepts

Here are the Key Features and Concepts that Link Tracker provides.

Beautiful Landing page

We have the beautiful landing page which help you to improve the ranking in SEO or where the users can see the basic overview of your product.

Admin Panel


We have the informative dashboard where you will get an overview of the statistics.

You can see the number of projects created, users count, links count and other information.

Users Management

Here you can see the lists of users who did the registration, you can also see the assigned plan to related users.

Admin can create new users on behalf of user also admin can set the password, and the profile pic while creating the user.

QR Code Generation

Admin can see all generated QR code here and download if he wants.

Admin can all see the information like who created the QR code & what is the type of the QR code. Admin is also able to create new QR code.

There is following types of QR code that we are allowed to create :

  • Text
  • URL
  • Phone
  • SMS
  • Whatsapp
  • Facetime
  • Location
  • Wifi
  • Event
  • Crypto
  • Vcard
  • Paypal

Here admin can see all the links created by users. He also can see the statistics over that link. we also have the copy link functionality here.

Admin can also create a new link here on behalf of user.


Project will be generally used to map the QR codes and links. Project is generally collection of QR codes and links. so you can find them easily.

While create the QR code, and the link you can select the project so it will be mapped to related project.


Admin can create different plans from here that user can subscribe while doing the registration.

There will be Monthly and Yearly frequency for plans, also there are some setting for plan like how many QR code will be generated with plan X or how many links will be added with plan Y.

Also, you can define the list of QR code types that Plan X will only generate QR codes with XXX types.

Cash Payments

We have the manual payment option where user can pay via the manually payment, it will be later settled by the admin via doing the cross verification.

As a User they can choose the Manual payment, and the request will be sent to admin, admin either approve it via checking the related stuff's or denied it.


Users who are interested, or your followers will be subscribed to your site from the landing page.

You can use their email to run the campaign or send them some information.

Coupon Codes

If admin wants to generate coupon code then this feature will be very useful.

Admin can create unique coupon code from here and also define the numbers of users to use it.


You can add multiple currencies by your self and use it for payments.


We have different kind of settings here by using you can do following operations :

  • Main Settings
  • Captcha Settings
  • Email Notifications
  • Social Logins
  • Ads
  • SMTP
  • Announcements
  • etc

Front CMS

By using this section you can change the wording and content of the main landing page. you can change the images, and the labels showing into landing page.

User Panel

User will have access to create the QR codes, links, and they can see all his transaction details too.

User will be no longer access other menus if their plan is expired.