Stisla Templates

  1. Complete Generator Installation Process
  2. Remove Existing Templates
  3. Add Package
  4. Run Composer update
  5. Update Configuration
  6. Publish Stisla Layout
  7. Stisla Templates with JQuery Datatables

Steps to install how to use StislaUI templates with InfyOm Laravel Generator.

Complete Generator Installation Process

Make sure you have completed a full installation process which is described here

Remove Existing Templates

Remove any previous included templates stuff. like,

"infyomlabs/core-templates" from your composer.json

Also remove services provider,

\InfyOm\CoreTemplates\CoreTemplatesServiceProvider::class, from your config/app.php

Add Package

Check the following table for Laravel version compatibility,

Laravel Version infyomlabs/laravel-generator infyomlabs/stisla-templates
9.0 ^4.0 ^4.0
8.0 ^3.0 ^3.0
7.0 ^2.0 ^3.0
6.0 ^1.0 ^3.0

To use StislaUI templates, add following to your composer.json if you haven't.

"require": { "infyomlabs/laravel-ui-stisla":"^1.0", "laravelcollective/html": "^6.0", "infyomlabs/stisla-templates": "^1.0" }

Run Composer update

Run composer update command.

Update Configuration

Publish the generate config file, if you haven't.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="InfyOm\Generator\InfyOmGeneratorServiceProvider"

Update config/infyom/laravel_generator.php to use Stisla templates.

Update 'templates' => 'stisla-templates'

Publish Stisla Layout

php artisan ui stisla --auth

Run npm commands

Now run

npm install


npm run dev

Stisla Templates with JQuery Datatables

if you want to use stisla templates with JQuery datatables then you have to perform following steps.

Install Yajra datatables package:

composer require yajra/laravel-datatables-oracle:"~9.0"

Register provider and facade on your config/app.php file.

'providers' => [ ..., Yajra\DataTables\DataTablesServiceProvider::class, ] 'aliases' => [ ..., 'Datatables' => Yajra\DataTables\Facades\DataTables::class, ]

Now clear your cache and regenerate it,

php artisan config:cache

Now while generating scaffold you have to add option jqueryDT at last to use JQuery Datatables.

php artisan infyom:scaffold Post --jqueryDT

And run

npm run dev

Now you are all set to use Stisla templates.