CoreUI Templates (Deprecated)

  1. Complete Generator Installation Process
  2. Remove Existing Templates
  3. Add Package
  4. Update Configuration
  5. Publish Layout

Complete Generator Installation Process

Make sure you have completed a full installation process which is described here.

Remove Existing Templates

Remove any previous included template stuff. like,

"infyomlabs/core-templates" from your composer.json

Also remove services provider,

\InfyOm\CoreTemplates\CoreTemplatesServiceProvider::class, from your config/app.php

Add Package

Check the following table for Laravel version compatibility,

Laravel Version infyomlabs/laravel-generator infyomlabs/coreui-templates
9.0 ^4.0 ^4.0
8.0 ^3.0 ^3.0
7.0 ^2.0 ^3.0
6.0 ^1.0 ^3.0

To use CoreUI templates, run the following command,

composer require infyomlabs/coreui-templates

Update Configuration

Update config/infyom/laravel_generator.php to use CoreUI templates.

Update 'templates' => 'coreui-templates'

Publish Layout

If you are using published layout from generator then you need to publish layout files again by,

php artisan ui coreui --auth npm install && npm run dev

Allow to overwrite each and every file if you have any previous templates installed.

And you are all set to use CoreUI templates.