Getting Started

  1. Generator Commands
  2. Generator Inputs

Generator Commands

Generator provides various commands to generate scaffold & APIs.

php artisan infyom:api $MODEL_NAME php artisan infyom:scaffold $MODEL_NAME php artisan infyom:api_scaffold $MODEL_NAME

Generator Inputs From Console

It is really important how to use generator.

Generator supports three methods of input:

We will discuss console method here. You can check other options from above links.

When you run command, it give following instructions,

Specify fields for the model (skip id & timestamp fields, we will add it automatically) (Read docs carefully to specify field inputs) Enter "exit" to finish

Here, you have to insert fields for your models, except id & timestamps (created_at & updated_at) fields. That will be automatically added by generator. When you are done with inserting fields. Type "exit".

When you run any command, it asks for two things:

  1. Field Inputs
  2. Validations

Field Inputs

Now, let's get started with specifying the field.

Field input format is divided into four parts,

name <space> db_type <space> html_type <space> options

Here is what each part means.


name of the field (snake_case recommended). for e.g.,

  • title
  • user_id
  • body
  • status


database type of the field. e.g.

  • string - $table->string('field_name')
  • string,25 - $table->string('field_name', 25)
  • text - $table->text('field_name')
  • For Enum, enum,Sun,Mon,Tue - $table->enum('field_name', ['Sun', 'Mon', 'Tue'])
  • integer,false,true - $table->integer('field_name',false,true)
  • string:unique - $table->string('field_name')->unique()
  • For foreign keys
    • foreignId:constrained - $table->foreignId('field_name')->constrained()
    • integer:unsigned:foreign,table_name,id - $table->foreign('field_name')->references('id')->on('table_name')
    • integer:unsigned:foreign,table_name,id,cascade - $table->foreign('field_name')->references('id')->on('table_name')->onUpdate('cascade')->onDelete('cascade')


html type of field for forms. e.g.

  • text
  • textarea
  • password

Here is the full guide for html field inputs.


Options to prevent field from being searchable, fillable, display in form & index

Here are all options by which you can prevent it, these all fields should be passed by comma separated string.

e.g. s,f,if,ii

- s - specify to make field non-searchable - f - specify to make field non-fillable - if - to skip field from being asked in form - ii - to skip field from being displayed in index view - iv - to skip field from being displayed in all views

so here are some examples, how field inputs can be passed together

title string text body text textarea s,ii email string:unique email writer_id integer:unsigned:foreign,writers,id text s


In second field you can specify validations for fields from any available validations of laravel.


  • required
  • min:5
  • email
  • numeric

You can pass the exact same string as Laravel doc suggests. for e.g. required|unique:posts|max:255

Generator also supports various other commands to generate files individually like generating an only model, repository or controller etc. You can find a full doc here.