Release Notes

  1. 18th Dec 2020
  2. 20th Nov 2020
  3. 13th Sep 2020
  4. 7th Aug 2020
  5. 22nd Mar 2019
  6. 1st Mar 2019
  7. 9th Sep 2017
  8. 24th Sep 2016
  9. 27th Aug 2016
  10. 14th Jun 2016
  11. 20th Apr 2016

Dec 18th 2020

Added PHP 8 Support added

Added Create CRUD with jQuery modals for Add/Update (Supports only Stisla templates right now)

Updated Travis Removed and Github Action used for automated builds

Nov 20th 2020

Updated #906 - Factories templates updated with Laravel 8 way (thanks to @lucasgrana)

Fixed #887 - Get $FIELD_NAME$ in table_header (thanks to @thewebartisan7)

Sep 13th 2020

Added Laravel 8 Support added

Added Factory and Seeders namespace support added

Fixed #893 - Missing locale for selectTable (thanks to @thewebartisan7)

Aug 7th 2020

Our Biggest release ever. 19+ New Features with 14+ Enhancements & 22+ Fixes.

Added Laravel 6.0 & 7.0 Support added

Added Excluded fields support added in configuration

Added Support to generate CRUD with custom table name while using Generator Builder

Added New command options for forceMigration to run migrations forcefully

Added Toggle switch support added

Added #664 - Config the function names for the relations in models

Added #516 - Generated tests to use the Tests Namespace (thanks to @morrismukiri)

Added #734 - View form not considering the inForm attribute

Added #715 - Read length and Nullable from table and add in a json file

Added #116 - Rollback only feature or view

Added #735 - Updating unique fields

Added #57 - Ability to select fields from another table columns

Added #733 - String length not being considered when generating from model schema

Added #168 - Support to generate CRUD using connection

Added #243 - Localization support added

Added Publish user CRUD command

Added Implemented must verify trait

Added #853 - Support to add Custom modal name in select Dropdown

Added Added support to use custom template package from any vendor

Updated #207 - Prefixed routes in groups

Updated Save current state for datatable records

Updated CONTRIBUTING file added

Updated Deprecated array/string functions replaced

Updated Configuration option added to save schema file by default

Updated Support added to generate Factory

Updated Support added to generate Seeder

Updated API and Repository test cases are refactored to use factories

Updated Repository pattern made optional

Updated Added underscore to filename to avoid spelling warnings (thanks to @mikepsinn)

Updated PHPDoc should have a dolar before the property name (thanks to @genesiscz)

Updated Fix rule validations being populated after they are already required by swagger model doc (thanks to @Orteko)

Updated Add basic attribute validation when generating from a database table (thanks to @Orteko)

Updated #499 - Cascade support added while foreign key

Fixed #18 - failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Fixed #545 - Undefined variable: testObjects

Fixed <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow"target="_blank">#551 - Generated Model PHPDoc has wrong mapping for dbType decimal

Fixed Fixes in BaseRepository namespace while using prefix

Fixed generator-builder#18 - Generator fields not working at all

Fixed Fixed hasOne relationship method name

Fixed #665 - Events generated twice

Fixed #672 - Changing path migration

Fixed #706 - Relationships method name

Fixed #709 - Strange issue with generating models with many hasmany relationships

Fixed Fix swagger docs from float to number (thanks to @siilats)

Fixed #724 - Argument 1 passed to Doctrine\Common\Inflector\Inflector::pluralize() must be of the type string

Fixed #721 - Primary key required when generating from existing tables

Fixed #729 - Timestamps disabled but still processed in model insert/update

Fixed Don't repeat routes and menus if already exist

Fixed #708 - Documentation Improvement: Prefix Option Comma Separation

Fixed #809 - Template not synced to field name changes

Fixed #844 - No primary key is created for a non-standard key name

Fixed #831 - use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Schema missing

Fixed Fix decimal fields being generated as floats inside model casts (thanks to Andrew Keynes)

Fixed fix exportiong name in datatable (thanks to @Si-HaMaDa)

Fixed Various fixes into templates

Mar 22nd 2019

100+ issues (including small features/bugs/invalid/not reproduced/help questions) closed.

Added #595 - Support to publish swagger templates added

Added #593 - Support to ignore fields while generating from table

Added #479 - Support to pass option for Custom Plural name of Model

Updated #380 - Take a description of field from table for swagger

Updated #384 - fieldsFile example JSON needs to be updated

Fixed fixed pagination into laravel 5.8

Fixed #375 - Fixed Problems in Vue.js Generators when using PHP7 (thanks to @rascoop)

Fixed fixed limit param into BaseRepository

Fixed #520 - Removed duplicate function from helper file

Fixed #514 - Rollback command docs fixed

Fixed #439 - Removed duplicate code from FileUtil

Fixed #498 - Auto-generated test file is dealing created_at and updated_at as string

Fixed Fixed controller template for Datatable

Fixed #521 - Non-searchable field is searchable in DataTable

Fixed #614 - Laravel 5.8 - getQualifiedForeignKey -> getQualifiedForeignKeyName (thanks to @Katenkka)

Fixed #475 & #493 - Fix relationship function names while using same table for multiple times

Mar 1st 2019

Added Support for Laravel 5.6, 5.7 & 5.8 added (thanks to @dpwilhelmsen & @wujunze)

Added Independent Repository file created with own all/create/update/delete/find functions, which can be easily customized

Updated Removed core-templates from everywhere

Updated docs updated for default value while creating migration (thanks to @phillipmadsen)

Updated Make isNotNull as 'required' while generating from table (thanks to Shem Pasamba)

Fixed #413 - model swagger error after publish template to resource

Fixed #334 - infyom.publish:templates & swagger is not working

Fixed fixed belongs to relation (thanks to @zambodaniel)

Fixed fixed delete route while using prefix (thanks to @XiaolonY))

Fixed make datatable buttons height be suitable to searchbox (thanks to @xiaohuilam)

Fixed #561 - fixed wrong path into Layout Publish command

Fixed docs: minor model name doc fix (thanks to Taywin Wongruttanakarn)

Fixed #584 - fixed missing configuration file when not published

Fixed reduce number of required fields in scaffold generator. (thanks to @jeffschuler)

Sep 9th 2017

Added Support for Laravel 5.4 & 5.5

Added DataTables 8.0 support

Updated We just focused on AdminLTE templates and deprecated all other templates

Updated Default Enabled sidebar Menus

Updated Improved PHPDOC declarations, helps IDE's find their way around.

Updated Dependency packages of repository and notification updated

Fixed #318 - Can't skip relations

Fixed #350 - Custom Primary Key name in test cases

Fixed Add checkbox in fields.blade.php when htmlType is boolean

Fixed #381 - Prevent generator crash with "Undefined index"

Fixed #364 - bug fix when using fromTable option

Fixed #208 - Allow ignore for models

Fixed use copy of inputs array before applying array_shift

Fixed add checkbox in fields.blade.php when htmlType is boolean

Fixed Prevent generator crash with "Undefined index"

Fixed #368 - bug fix when using fromTable option

Fixed Update TestTraitGenerator.php

Fixed #414 - Fix enum in TestTraitGenerator.php

Fixed #423 - Solve generating fields from jsonFromGUI

Fixed #444 - Fixed incorrect use statements in repository_test.stub

Fixed #457 - Generate Scaffold from table fails writing PHPDocType because relations

Fixed #464 - Error calling getForeignKey Method of HasMany class

Sep 24th 2016

Added Slash model names added with dynamic variables, $MODEL_NAME_SLASH$ & $MODEL_NAME_PLURAL_SLASH$

Updated #309 - Directly Specify files name from schema folder while using --fieldsFile option

Updated Datatables scripts and css are added as a separate partials

Updated Primary key option used in views

Fixed JSON Model file generation fixed

Fixed Textarea not generated fix

Fixed Return false in api with 404 when model not found

Fixed Datatable file deleted while rollback

Fixed labels are not generated for Select fixed

Fixed #291 - Default values in database migration doesn't work

Aug 27th 2016

Added Laravel 5.3 Support Added.

Added Relationship functions support on model from Console, Fields File & from Table. (Thanks to @jschlies contribution)

Added Foreign key generation support into migration

Added #217 - Support for column visibility in datatables

Added New update schema for fields file with relations support.

Updated Separate Branches per Laravel version (5.1, 5.2, 5.3)

Updated More easy way to pass inputs on console.

Updated Various enhancements for Model names at various places like, views folder name, in views, flash messages etc.

Updated #206 - routes are made snake_case instead of camelCase

Updated #232 - Published layout templates are not used while layout publish command

Fixed #102 - Patch method added into routes

Fixed #166 #174 #179 #218 AppBaseController fixed with publishing on base controller directory

Fixed #205 - ROUTE_NAMED_PREFIX not properly replaced

Fixed #209 - Migration rollback not working fixed

Fixed #241 - Migration is not generated with proper camelCase Name

Fixed #231 - Swagger documentation for Models fixed

Fixed #238 - Command not working with Laravel 5.1

Jun 14th 2016

Added Introducing two new types of templates. Metronic templates & FlatLab templates

Added New html field types added (toggle-switch, bool-checkbox, boolean) (Thanks to @phillipmadsen)

Added #155 -New Prefix system for routes, views, paths, public (Thanks to @phillipmadsen for ideas and throughout testing)

Added #133 - Skip files generation support for various files

Added #172 - Turn off/on datatables from command line

Added #87 - Generate only specified views

Updated #164 - Datatables actions partial is separated rather than Hardcoded (Thanks to @alexglue)

Updated #169 - Model variables support in fields templates

Fixed #120 - Controller not found

Fixed #126 - Confirm before adding API group to routes.php (Thanks to @righter)

Fixed #137 - #166 - #179 - AppBaseController with prefix fixes

Fixed #144 - Route prefix fixes

Fixed #174 - php artisan route:list fix

Fixed #194 - on new specify views command

Fixed various templates issue fixes (Thanks to @phillipmadsen) (Thanks to @remxcode)

Apr 20th 2016

Added Introducing Support to Generate CRUD with AdminLTE Templates

Added Introducing Support for Publishing a full Admin Panel layout

Added #94 - Introducing Laravel Generator Builder Beta

Added #50 - Added Support for DataTable in both Bootstrap & AdminLTE Templates

Added #44 - Added Rollback command to delete generated files

Updated #101 - Swagger Document Fix via AppBaseController Publish

Fixed #98 - Support for custom Namespace