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Publish Layout

  1. Run Laravel UI Command
  2. Check Published Stuff
  3. Build Assets

Run Laravel UI Command

Based on the templates, you are using, run the following command to create basic scaffolding from it.

For AdminLTE Templates,

php artisan ui adminlte --auth

For CoreUI Templates,

php artisan ui coreui --auth

For Stisla Templates,

php artisan ui stisla --auth

This will generate Auth Controllers and layout files along with authentication blade view files.

It used the same configuration as per laravel/ui package for auth scaffold generation.

Check Published Stuff

This command generates following files,

  1. It will publish HomeController in controllers directory

  2. It will publish views

    |- resources |- views home.blade.php |- layouts |- app.blade.php |- menu.blade.php |- sidebar.blade.php |- emails |- password.blade.php |- auth |- passwords |- confirm.blade.php |- email.blade.php |- reset.blade.php |- login.blade.php |- register.blade.php |- verify.blade.php
  3. It will add following routes which need to get it work.

Route::get('/home', [App\Http\Controllers\HomeController::class, 'index'])->name('home'); Auth::routes();

Build Assets

As a next step, we need to install npm dependencies and build the assets with the following command,

npm install && npm run dev

For Production,

npm install && npm run prod

Now we are all set, and you can check basic auth scaffolding.