Employee Morale: Play significant role in Business Development part-2

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September 13, 20203 minutesuserMariyam Bemat
Employee Morale: Play significant role in Business Development  part-2
We all know that human behavior is difficult to understand & explain yet we need to take care of our Human Capital to develop & maintain the productivity & profitability of the organization.

In the last blog, we have discussed what is Morale, Characteristics of Morale, Relation between morale and Productivity. Let’s move further to-

Factors determining morale

Measurement of Morale: why ??

Factors Determining morale

  • Sound & Effective Organisation
  • Opportunity to rise
  • Remuneration
  • Personal attributes
  • satisfaction level
  • Supervision level
  • Nature of work


It may sound surprising but the Organisation Itself plays a significant role in shaping an employee's attitude. The NAME & FAME of the Organisation plays vital roles to determine employee morale. The Reputation of the organization builds the attitude of their employee better or worse towards it... For Instance- Someone who works for Google is more likely to take ownership in comparison to the person who is working for a small XYZ software company.

2-Opportunity to rise

If the person found their personal growth within the organization, it boosts the morale of an employee. On the other side no possibility of personal growth decrease Morale of the employee

3-Personal attributes

Physical and mental health also play a major role in determining employee Morale. If the person is not physically or mentally fit for a particular role, this can be an obstacle in learning and progress at the workplace It leads to low morale.


It's a vital factor to determine the level of employee morale, If the employee feels he/she discriminates based on pay scale it leads to dissatisfaction with the organization.

5-Satisfaction level

If employees are satisfied with the Work role, there will be more energy in the system. Satisfaction arrived from various factors such as Company image, Pay scale, Working conditions, Growth opportunities, Welcoming attitude of new ideas, learning attitudes, Training, etc.

6- Supervision Level

The level of supervision received by an employee is a tremendous factor that affects morale. More the supervision, less the enthusiasm. No one likes a big boss over his/her head. Too much monitoring and supervision make people feel nervous and this hampers the performance rather than improving it.

7-Nature of work

The nature of work also plays a significant role in employee morale. If the work is repetitive or involve long working hours it affect employee morale negatively

Measurement of Morale

The big question is why we need to measure employee morale ????
The company depends on employees for Everything from production to accounting & finance (Profit & loss ). If they are happy, they perform their job more efficiently which ups the success of the business as well as profitability. On the other hand, poor employee Morale can harm Business-dropping productivity and raise the turnover rate.
While running the business we should constantly pay attention to our employee morale to maintain the health of the organization.

While measuring Employee Morale we need to consider following things

  • Ask the right question
  • Don’t ask anything in annoying way
  • Follow the performance data first
  • Take the employee of the clock
  • Listen to what they say
  • Keep eye on their project
Well, Employee morale is a broad concept. To know more about Employee Morale please read my upcoming blog…
In the next blog, we will see Measurement of employee morale, Significance of high morale, Demerits of low morale…..