Recruitment: Things HR need to focus while recruitingHuman Resource
November 17, 20202 minutesuserMariyam Bemat
Recruitment: Things HR need to focus while recruiting
In the last Blog we have discussed a few tips on recruitment, let's glance at the more tips.....
  1. Remember only you are not interviewing
  2. Look back years of candidate's career
  3. Trust your Gut
  4. Don't be boring Interviewer 
  5. Represent Job Description
  6. Think like Marketer 
1.Remember only you are not interviewing:
Always keep in mind that only you are not hiring for a particular role, we have a competitive job market, most candidates we interviewed will also be interviewing elsewhere and that's why we need to be active, present a positive company image towards the employee.

2.Look back years of candidate's career:
If we are hiring for an experienced person we need to ask questions related to his job experience, how he/she was handling difficult situations, and listen closely to the answer. you may learn a lot or what you need. Remember, don't forget to examine body language from it would come to know about his/her attitude towards the role.

3.Trust your Gut:
don't ignore your gut. If the candidate found good on paper but still after interviewing something from the inner side tells you it's just not right then don't proceed without more investigation. 

4.Don't be boring Interviewer :
Boring questions will bring boring answers. Don't ask such questions. Ask relevant questions about the job. Don't waste your time and candidate time by asking questions which answer don't matter to you.

5.Represent Job Description:
 While interviewing candidates you need to represent the role and responsibilities for the profile is candidate become more aware of the Job and able to clear doubts. 

6.Think like Marketer :
Due to thought competition in the market, Human Resource Recruiters need to be marketer, we have to present our company in a unique way to attract talent from the market.

The process of recruitment is more difficult as all business owners want to hire more talent in the organization. Hence, we need to make proper strategies for hiring as better Recruitment & selection strategies result in the improvement of organizational outcome. We can say investment in 'Recruitment and Selection  process' is money well spent.