Recruitment:The things HR need to keep in mind

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October 28, 20203 minutesuserMariyam Bemat
Recruitment:The things HR need to keep in mind

We all know that recruitment becomes tough day by day as the competition is growing in the market. If I talk about the IT industry each Organisation is fighting hard to find candidates for various IT profiles. Now all IT HRs are in trouble with lots of targets of hiring and it’s not as easy as ABC in practical. Sometimes it takes a very long time to get a response from the market for a particular profile. Still, we need to pay attention to many things to make a smooth & effective recruitment process.

  1. Build your network
  2. Attractive & Innovative Job Posting
  3. Choose Right Person & Be polite to others
  4. Communication: Be a good listener
  5. Affordability
  6. Talent v/s Experience

1.Build your network:

“Network is net-worth”. Without a network, it is too difficult to reach the right one. Every HR needs to develop a professional network. If I talk about the IT field we need to develop a network on LinkedIn to reach maximum people. Send connection requests to them Talk with them and scan candidates over there. Not only this we can use Facebook as well as the young generation addicted to it and target the suitable person over there.

2. Attractive & Innovative Job posting:

We are living in a competitive era, where we are fighting hard to even get responses from the market side and that’s why we need to be creative & innovative while preparing Job descriptions. prepare star lines to attract people, use different ways to post the job, give information regarding facilities the company is providing, any other attraction if the company has.

3. Choose the Right Person & Be polite to others:

After receiving lots of CVs for a particular role, it’s too critical to scan all and invite a few for Interviews. After interviewing all people we need to think about the best suitable person for the job.

HR needs to develop a habit to wish all the best to the not selected candidate. It creates a positive image of the company in that person's mind. And yes the second thing is, never use the “REJECTED” word for any candidate just say ‘unfortunately you are not selected’, even you can say ‘sorry to say that you are not best fit for the job’. I am saying this because there is no rejection, only the thing is our requirement and the capabilities of the applicant are quite different.

4. Communication: Be a good listener:

Communication skill is essential for all HR Professionals. While interacting with candidates, be open, communicate each and everything. HR needs to communicate all the rules, regulations, policies, agreement terms & conditions (If you have), Training period, and the pay scale during training ( If you are hiring fresher), etc. After discussing all the required things with the candidate, if the candidate is found comfortable then only arrange his/her interview otherwise it will be a waste of time for both Employers as well as Employees.

While taking interviews not only ask questions and get answers, be a good listener. Listening to the candidate with patience may be a different way of presenting but one has really deep knowledge about the same and at least gives the chance to present.

5. Affordability:

Always keep in mind the budget of the company for a particular position and don’t waste your valuable time with overqualified people. Say NO to them with respect, you can say ‘we don't have any requirement regarding your profile’.

6. Talent v/s Experience:

While recruiting people never fixed the experience parameter as it may be possible that the less experienced person has more talent. Carefully analyze the person and then only select the best out of them.

I will discuss more tips on recruitment in my next blog….