AdminLTE Templates in mainstream development for Laravel Generator
September 27, 20161 minuteuserMitul Golakiya
AdminLTE Templates in mainstream development for Laravel Generator

Today we are going to take another major decision on our templates development for Laravel Generator.

It's around more than 7 months that we launched a new laravel generator with the ability to select any CSS framework based on developers choice. Even anyone can develop his own templates and use it with a generator.

After these 7 months, now we have around 4 templates repository including Bootstrap Templates, AdminLTE Theme Templates, FlatLab Theme Templates, Metronic Theme Templates with maintaining templates for 3 different version of Laravel including 5.1, 5.2, 5.3. Also, laravel has a rapid release cycle, so it's very hard to main 4 packages with 3 different versions support.

Also, what we realized is, lots of developers are using AdminLTE templates only for their main backend development. We found AdminLTE far better than any other templates.  Also, It comes with a better setup, better elements support, regular updates and fits best for back-end Admin Panel development.

So today, we are taking a decision to actively only maintain AdminLTE templates and deprecate all other templates development from our end. so we can focus on one template repository and can add more features to it.

It doesn't mean that packages will be deleted from its GitHub repository,  It will be always there, but we will be focusing more on AdminLTE templates and all other templates will be more community driven.